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Why Isn’t My Manifestation Working? Part 2

manifestation Apr 13, 2023



In part 1 of this series we were discussing the importance in clarifying WHY you want to manifest something in your life. Most people who try to manifest are doing it from the wrong perspective and they continue to find themselves struggling to make the manifestation happen.


To read part 1 click here.


Today we are going to talk about the second part of manifestation and the kind of clarity that is needed to attract all that you desire. Once you discover the real reason why you want to attract something, the next step is to determine the feeling it is going to offer you.


Something I mentioned in the last article was understanding that manifestation and law of attraction is vibration and frequency. Knowing this means that we need to look at our own vibration.


Let’s use an example from part 1 to illustrate this:


You think the money will make you happier but most of your beliefs and thoughts are miserable, you will repeal money.


Looking into the desire to manifest more money you will uncover the real reason you want the money and now it is time to match a frequency to this desire. If you want more money because it will give you options, freedom of your time, and fulfillment of things you desire, then what is the vibration of these things?


Options - free, choice, peace

Freedom of time - free, choice, love of self

Fulfillment of Desires - joy, growth, expansion


Using the consciousness scale from David Hawkins you will see that most of these will fit into the top part of consciousness and vibrate at higher frequencies. It is these frequencies which become the magnetic match for your manifestation to realize in real time.


If we flip this perspective back to your desire for money because you think it will fix all your problems in life and make you happy, then your vibration is in lack, negativity, and misalignment. These states are lower levels of consciousness and will act as barriers to you attracting all that you desire.


Taking Time To Define The Frequency In Which Your Desire Lives


We just discussed the importance in clarifying what the frequency is that you want to be on through your manifestation. Spending time defining this for yourself allows you to become the ‘primer’ to the manifestation.


Defining the frequency is signalling to the universe that you want to work with it and you want it to support your desire.  And you also understand that it, the universe, works in vibration and frequency and you are willing to meet it half way by redefining what your desire vibrationally means to you. This is speaking directly to the universe with great clarity.


Take the list that you wrote in part 1 of the desires that you are wanting to manifest and now attach one of the above states. You may find that your desire is still rooted in low vibrational thoughts or from a place of greed, fear, or anger.


Now you have a chance to revisit your desire and ask;

‘WHY do I want this desire?

What is this going to give me?

AND what is the frequency that attaining this desire will bring into my life?


Another example we can use is love. Many people want to attract love into their life because they think it will make them whole, complete, and like they matter. If you use the exercise in part 1, you will notice that these are not the real reason why you want them.


You want to attract love into your life because you want to love yourself. You want to feel connected to someone or something and you want to feel cared for. Taking this to the frequency scale you will notice these desires are rooted in love, acceptance, and peace.


Love = love yourself

Feel Connected = Accepted

Feel Cared For = Peace


There is no right or wrong way to do this and not every desire you have is a clear match for a frequency listed above. The key is to find yourself shifting the desire to as many states of a higher frequency as possible.


When you desire things from courage and above, you allow your magnetic field to vibrate at higher frequencies and this is where the magic of manifestation occurs. When you continually try to manifest when your energy field is in lower levels of consciousness, the universe cannot deliver you the desire.


Something To Keep In Mind


One thing to remember about manifestation is you cannot sit in a place of doubt or constantly wondering when it is going to happen. These kinds of actions are rooted in lower vibrational frequencies and once again stall out your manifestation.


Shifting from doubt or wondering when, to embodying the higher frequency as if it is already done and you are already living in those higher states, allows you to be a channel for the manifestation to occur.


This is another place where people get stuck. Manifestation happens when we are present to the moment and living in a higher state, anything outside of that is living in the past of what happened or living in the future of what you wish would happen.

Exercise To Determine The Frequency In Which Your Desire Lives:


  1. Write down what it is that you desire to manifest or attract
  2. Ask yourself; WHY do I want to manifest this in my life? WHAT is it going to provide me?
  3. Match a frequency state to your desire (ie. stuck in lack or rooted in love)
  4. Think of yourself already having that desire, what frequency is your reality in
  5. Allow yourself to find the desires that are in low vibe and find the ones that are high vibe


In the final part of this series we are going to be discussing what kind of actions you can take daily to attract this desire and frequency towards you and how you can start living in the higher frequency of your desire today!


Part 3 of this series will be released on Friday January 28th.  Sign up for the spiritual communication email to be notified when it is released.



Let us know in the comments; was this helpful? Have you looked at your manifestations through the lens of vibration and frequency? What is coming up for you with your own personal manifestations? 



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