Why Isn’t My Manifestation Working? Part 1

law of attraction manifestation Jan 14, 2022
 Contributed by: Danielle Grant


In 2006 a movie called The Secret was released. The Secret, described as a self-help film, uses a documentary format to present a concept titled "law of attraction". It was the first time, since I can remember that mainstream movies really promoted the idea of manifestation and Law of Attraction.

This movie included interviews from John Assaraf,  Bob Proctor, and Jack Canfield. Others involved in the film who have spoken of their strong belief in the Law of Attraction, include Esther Hicks and Jerry Hicks (original edition only)



At the time I was 19 years old. I remember sitting down to watch the movie and after thinking ‘wow I need to get a vision board done, I need to think differently, I need to take action and I can have everything I want.’ It wasn’t long before I forgot what the movie talked about, I had taken little action on what was shared and I didn’t think much of manifestation.


A few years past by and things in my life started having me question the concepts that were in the secret. I remember seeing things align for me that I wanted. I thought about what I wanted, then time would pass and I would find myself in the experience I wanted - At this moment, I got intentional about this concept.


I remember one thing really sticking out in the movie that would later allow me to open pandoras box on manifestation and law of attraction. That thing was vibration and frequency. I want to pass the wisdom along to you and expand on this concept for you through the articles.



Most people who are into manifestation and law of attraction, they struggle to make it ‘work’, but that is not the case at all. There is something deeper to what you learned and without that knowledge it won’t work!


This article is going to be broken down in 3 parts. Today I am going to expand on why you desire the manifestation and law of attraction, because without this awareness, you may be in a perpetual cycle of ‘it not working’.


Why do you desire what you desire?


Let’s start by acknowledging the elephant in the room….Most of the goals that you want the law of attraction to work for you are superficial! They are goals that you think will make your life better if you get them. But one thing you have not considered is the underlying reason why you want them.


Do you want a relationship because you grew up in a ‘dysfunctional’ family and lacked loved?

Do you want more money because you are broke and you think being rich will make you happier?

Do you want that house because you want to feel more ‘puffed up’ and feel better than others?


Why do you want this particular goal or manifestation to happen?


At the root of the law of attraction is an invisible energy that belongs to your emotions and if your emotions (which is energy in motion) are stuck in the past, stuck in lack, and are not grounded in worth, you will struggle to see any magic that we call manifestation.


Why does this matter to you?


The law of attraction works because the energy that you live within, matches the desire that you want. In the next part of this article I am going to dive into what this energy grid is and what the energy grid of your desire looks like.


Let’s keep going on why you want the desire. To illustrate the power in understanding the why, I am going to share a personal experience that happened to me.


In my early 20’s I had a desire to get married and have kids. I wanted the house with the husband and the kids and the cars and the career. I wanted it all. I made the vision board, I set the goals on paper, I did all the things. But somehow someway I would always find myself in situations with men, where they rejected me, they were only interested in sex, they didn’t see me as wife material or anything.


This was a hard pill to swallow. The dream I had of a husband and family seemed like it wasn’t happening for me and I kept finding myself in uncomfortable situations that made me feel less than, unworthy, and like I was someone that could not be loved.


Something came over me and I made a commitment to myself that I was going to do me and I wasn’t going to waste my time on men. I would enjoy my 20’s and the right person for me would come along at the right moment.


I won’t sit here and say this was amazing. Sure I got the opportunity to travel the world, have more financial means, and ultimately be in control of my time and choice. But I was lonely. Everyone around me was in relationships and I was still single.


I decided to test the waters later in my 20’s and I got the same experience, rejection, interested in sex, and just not wanting more. What was I doing wrong? Why was an accomplished women like me being rejected so much? This was a turning point in me understanding why the law of attraction was not working and why it isn’t working for you. 


Did I really want the husband? No not really, society wanted that for me.

Did I really want the kids? Nah, not really.

Did I really need the love? No I didn’t.


Why did I have this desire and need to manifest and attract love in my life? Because I didn’t love myself. I thought I needed someone else to love me to love myself.


At the beginning of this article I shared that it is your emotions that control the manifestation and allow the law of attraction to work for you. In my example my emotions were needy, they were unworthy, they were trying to fill a void I created within my owner personal family and feeling like they didn’t love me.


[ For the record my family loved me very much and I am grateful for the home I grew up in. It was me who had created the story in my mind that they did not love me ]


Why do you want the manifestation to happen for you?




Is it something you truly desire to have or is it something you think you want, but it is really filling an emotion that you are not willing to look at and then blame the law of attraction for not working?


When you don’t love yourself fully or think you need someone else’s love to be whole, you will repeal love.

When you think the money will make you happier but most of your beliefs and thoughts are miserable, you will repeal money.

 When you think you need that fancy car and house to impress people, you will repeal that lifestyle.


To clearly illustrate this, let’s look at the opposite of the above examples:


When you don’t love yourself fully or think you need someone else’s love to be whole, you will repeal love --> When you love yourself, your perceived flaws, your past experiences, you become the love that is a match for you and you attract the love towards you.


When you think the money will make you happier but most of your beliefs and thoughts are miserable, you will repeal money --> You did not come here to need money to make you happy. You came here to amplify the things that feel good to you. When you shift your focus to money being able to support the desires that make you happy vs the desires that you think will make you look better, you attract the money.


When you think you need that fancy car and house to impress people, you will repeal that lifestyle -->The desire to impress people is rooted in lack and unworthiness. When you look into these two areas of yourself, you begin to attract your best life and the lifestyle that you desire.


Something to point out before we go any further is the above will not shift immediately. Sometimes it can take years for you to clear an experience and emotion in order to become the match and other times it can happen quick. There are a few variables in this, that I will discuss in the next article.


Going back to my original question - WHY Do you want this manifestation that you desire?


For some this could be the first time they are looking into this past experience and emotions, which can be challenging, but if you truly want to leverage the power and magic of law of attraction and manifestation, then I would encourage you to seriously look at this part and get lots of awareness around it.


Otherwise you are just wasting your time, you are not maximizing this magic to its full potential, and you will continue to find yourself in this uncomfortable place of it not working.


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