Supporting Your Awakening & Ascension into the 5th Dimension

Step into a realm of expanded consciousness as you activate your journey to the 5th Dimension and alignment with your Higher Self.

At the heart of The Spiritual Room lies the wisdom of the ages, ancient and timeless insights that reveal the interconnectedness of all existence. We're here as your guides, expanding your human self and leading you on journey of oneness.

Through our multidimensional approach, we offer meditations, self-guided programs, workshops, and live experiences that ascend your inner light and activate your human, guiding you towards 5th-dimensional consciousness. As your ascension catalyst, we empower you to explore the infinite potential within, ascending to higher realms of existence and into the 5D Earth!

See you inside the 5D realm!


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" Within each of us lies the potential for transformation and ascension into 5D. Our purpose is to be your guiding light on this sacred journey. Together, we explore the realms of higher consciousness and unity, for it is in unity that we find our truest selves and the essence of enlightenment. "


Hello Beautiful Human!

We Are The Spiritual Room

Where ancient wisdom meets modern awakening

The Spiritual Room is a special place where the ancient meets the contemporary to support your journey of spiritual awakening and ascension at this crucial time. Founded on the knowing that within every human resides the soul, with the power to transcend and ascend, we invite you to join us for a transformative journey from the 3D and into the 5D, as the collective raises in consciousness.

Our story is one of akashic, enlightenment, and unity and we're here to be your guides, ascending your inner light and leading the human to the frequencies of the 5th dimension, of the New Earth. Our team of experienced guides and teachers act as bridges from the 3D to the 5D, sharing their profound insights and wisdom to help you navigate this important spiritual awakening of our lifetime.

Read our story to know more about us, what we stand for, where we come from, and what we're all about.

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5D Earth

Join Our Community On Mighty Newtorks 

Immerse yourself in our private community on Mighty Networks and activate your journey into the 5th Density. Connect with awakened souls who value deep insights, genuine connections, and the expansion of consciousness. Watch weekly livestreams from our guides, read expanded wisdom, listen to meditations, receive self reflection prompts, ask your questions, and more.

In our exclusive community your inner light expands, your auric field resonates at a higher frequency, and your human self ascends into higher consciousness. Align, evolve, and experience the truth of the spiritual realms with us today!


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Weekly on Tuesdays & Thursdays

Embody the frequency of enlightenment by becoming a part of our community and get access to the exclusive livestream experience.

Every week we host livestreams and live podcast recordings, where we explore profound topics that transcend the ordinary. Dive into in-depth conversations, ask your burning questions, connect with awakened souls, and be part of a community that thrives on deeper conversations.


Listen To The Podcast 

Join us for deep & raw conversations with spiritual teachers, channellers, and new age thought leaders, who will support your journey of self-discovery and 5D enlightenment.

Explore topics like Astrology, the 5th Dimension, Mindfulness, Chakras, and Human Integration, while connecting with the profound link between the human ego, subconscious, and conscious. Whether you're a seasoned seeker or just starting your spiritual path, we've got the wisdom and inspiration to propel you forward.

Tune in now to ascend your human self, connect with your higher self, and understand the universe on a deeper level.


Let's Ascend Together

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ELEVATE: 6-Week Group Experience

Experience radical transformation with ELEVATE. Discover, align, and gain clarity in 6 weeks. Break free from the old you and embrace the new you!

We start Sunday December 3, 2023
Pre-Sale Registration Is NOW Open!


Awaken Your Awareness

Exploring The Levels Of Consciousness. 

Elevate your consciousness to new dimensions with our 60-minute masterclass. Whether you're seeking to understand the states of consciousness or expand your awareness into the 5th density, this masterclass if for you.

November Promo: Save $44 and get instant access!


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Articles & Wisdom

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Here's a snapshot of the vibe:

" Being part of The Spiritual Room's livestreams has been a soul nourishing experience. The topics discussed go beyond the mainstream, and the wisdom shared has truly transformed my perspective. The live podcast recordings are awesome, and I feel like I'm part of something much bigger than myself. I've found my spiritual tribe here. "
- John
" What sets The Spiritual Room apart is its inclusive atmosphere. It's not just for seasoned spiritual seekers; it welcomes newcomers with open arms. I've never felt judged or out of place here, and it's refreshing to have a space where everyone's journey is respected and valued. "
- Sophia

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