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Why Isn’t My Manifestation Working? Part 3

law of attraction manifestation Apr 13, 2023


This is the last article in the 3 part series - Why Isn't My Manifestation Working? 










In todays article we are going to be bringing this all together. While most believe that manifestation is just a 'wish and hope' activity, it is an extremely guided and energetic activity that requires more than just 'hoping and praying'


In fact, it requires you to totally drop your desire once you have decided that you want it and then BECOME the state in which the desire lives. Let's rewind for a moment.


Part 1 - The WHY


Before you can receive the desire that is on your heart, you need to connect with this want. You need to clarify WHY you want this desire to manifest. In this stage it is important that you ensure your WHY is not for a distorted reason.


Do you want more money because you think it will make your life better, but you are not willing to look at the other things in your life?


Do you want a relationship because you think it will help you feel loved because you are not willing to do the work on yourself internally around self-love?


Most people are going to desire something from their ego self and most of those desires live in anger, greed, and fear and are rooted in the 3D reality. What you want to do instead is to clarify WHY you want the desire and if for any reason you find yourself wanting it for external reasons, dive deeper to find a more aligned reason to want this desire.


If you want more money because you think it will make your life better, what parts of your life will be better with money? What kind of change is that going to create in all aspects of your life? How will this solve your problem?


If you want the relationship to feel love, what part of you doesn't love yourself? What kind of life will you have when you claim ownership over your self-love and don't need it from anyone else?


Remember that if you are trying to manifest with no real desire to live a higher, more aligned life then you will keep manifestating and receiving from a low vibrational place and that will most likely reflect back to you a reality you don't desire and one where your desires have a hard time manifesting.


This first part of looking at your desire would be equivalent to a scientist running an experiment to isolate a chemical that is causing an adverse reaction. The scientist spends time clarifying what chemical is not working and then removes it from the experiment.


By doing this the scientist is now able to move forward with the experiment without having an adverse reaction and having to start over. The same is for you. You can keep trying to manifest from the distorted misaligned place you are in, or you can spend some time clarifying the part of your manifestation that is causing the adverse reaction, which is not allowing your desire to manifest.


Once you have completed this part you will now move into clarifying the vibration and state in which your desire lives. As mentioned above; manifestation is very divinely guided and an energetic activity that occurs when our vibrational field (our desire) is able to meet the realized desire in its vibrational state.


Part 2 - The Vibration Behind The Desire


Everything you want to manifest in your life is a vibration of some sort. Everything in our universe is a vibration of some sort and this is why identifying the state in which your desire lives can help you attract your desire quickly.


I would like to highlight that this very step of identifying the vibration of your desire, is exactly what the universe is asking of you. It gets excited when you play to its rhythm and aligning your desire intentionally through its natural state allows for more support and manifestation to occur.


This part would be equivalent to the scientist finding the most aligned equipment to complete their experiment. When they are able to match the equipment with the process they are able to eliminate room for errors. The same is true right now for you.


Taking time to identify the vibration in which your desire lives is equivalent to the scientist and his equipment. You are defining the exact environment in which your desire lives and that removes the room for error to occur.


This step can feel difficult and foreign to most, but know that this is actually the most true fact about desires in the human reality. We are designed to awaken to the understanding of energy, vibration, and frequency. When you start operating in vibration and frequency you will find how easy attracting your desires can be.


Take the desire you have now; what is the vibrational state of this desire? Putting yourself in the future and you already having received your desire, where do you see your life vibrating? Are you in love, joy, and peace? To view the David Hawkins Consciousness Scale, read Part 2 of this series.


You might think that this step is silly but as mentioned this is how the universe wants you to play this game. It wants you to understand that the desire you want to manifest is born with an energy within it and you get to define how your human self matches that energy blueprint.


The ego self wants to believe that it is just about thinking something and wanting it, but that concept lives in the 3D Reality.  Your ego self is lazy in nature and doesn't want to put in any work, so when you put all the onus on the ego mind to attract your desire, you will most likely come up short.


When you shift to what does the conscious self want to do with this manifestation, you begin to see that it wants you to shift your vibrational state by receiving these desires and the higher that these desires vibrate at, the more the universe can deliver to you. Your consciousness wants to do the work for you AND it knows exactly the work it needs to do, but you have to guide your human self first. Which is why these 2 steps matter more than your ego self wants to give credit.


Sitting down and clarifying the WHY and defining the vibration behind the desire is something that is instigated by your consciousness, your higher self, but then has to be executed through your ego self. And most people come up short on this step. Most people spend to much time thinking about WHY their desire has not manifested then they spend time getting out ahead of it and aligning it with the universe.


One of the reasons you are reading this series right now is you are most likely frustrated that your life is not changing, you are having a hard time receiving and manifesting your desires, and you just wish something would give....


... I get it because I have been there. That is why I am sharing the information I have with you. You can keep investing into all these manifestation, law of attraction, fix my life overnight solutions, or you can try and play the energy game that is true to the universe and is the surest, 100% bet on allowing your manifestation and next level life to occur.


We are going to move into the final part of this series but before we do I want to clarify how important the above steps are, which is why I have included them once again in the article. Without these 2 steps this last one is going to be completely useless.


If you find yourself frustrated with the above two steps and like you are not getting anywhere ask yourself these questions;


Why do I feel like I am not getting my manifestation?


What part of me feels out of alignment with receiving this desire? 


What is my WHY behind it?


Is the vibration in which I am living in of lack?


Am I too focused on how it has not manifested yet?


Why do I feel like this still isn't working?


(Click here to read Part 1 & Part 2 of this article ) 


Part 3 - The Havingness of Your Desire


When I first heard the term 'havingness', I immediately knew there was something powerful about this word and I needed to know more. At the same time this concept came into my life I was in the middle of ironing out my desires and learning how to manifest more of my next level life with ease.


The concept of 'havingness' is exactly how it sounds. It is the state in which you already have something that you desire. It is the vibration in which things just align with ease and the expectant things you desire flow into your life. But there is one caveat to this concept...


... your ego self does not LIVE in a state of 'havingness'. The natural state of your human self does not believe good things happen for it. It believes the worst. It lives in fear and worry. This fact is what makes this concept hard for people to master.


I know I might have just scared you with the idea that this is hard to master, but I would be doing you a disservice if I said it was easy and then you struggle to get there. It is better for me to be honest and acknowledge that your human self is going to fight this concept HARD. But now you know that, you can be looking for it and when it arrives you will have awareness that you need to move beyond that mental barrier.


Let's breakdown this idea of HAVINGNESS


First, the concept of 'havingness' is a vibration in which you KNOW the desire is already done and there is a version of you already living with this desire and in a higher state. You already HAVE what you desire and it is a beautiful thing.


Second, you get to define a vibrational state that is done and there is no more work to do. You do not need to pray more, do more, think, more, it is already done and you already have it.


Third, your ego self is going to speak in your head 24/7 telling you it is not already done and you have not received the desire and your life is terrible. Okay it might not be telling you that you are terrible, but it is going to remind you that your desire has not manifested and this is the exact place we are wanting to avoid.


This is the place where most people find themselves hung up. They are listening to the ego self and its belief that it is not already done and you have failed.


Fourth, you have to shift yourself into a state of ALREADY having the desire. You have to truly live in a place within your mind that the desire has already happened. It is already done. You do not need to think about WHEN it is going to happen, or HOW it is going to happen, rather just sit in a place that it is already done and you are already living in a higher state.


As you can see above this concept is rooted in you not spending anymore time hoping, praying, thinking, wishing, but rather just being in a place of it already being done. In order to achieve the state of 'havingness' one has to completely disconnect from the thought that is wondering when it is  going to happen.


You get to just go about your life KNOWING that it is done and feeling as if you ALREADY have the desire and your life is vibrating at a higher frequency. BUT how do you live in this place consistently before your desire manifests?


Step 2 in this process is important because it allows you to define the vibrational state in which your 'havingness' is operating from. If you already have your desire and the vibration is one of joy and peace then you are going to be wake up and do everything that you can to attain a state of joy and peace.


You are going to wake up in a place of 'havingness', of it already being done, and you already living in the higher vibration. WHEN you are able to make this energetic shift, the universe can now deliver your desire to you. Remember this is the game of the universe and it wants you to meet it half way.


The desires that you want to manifest can ONLY flow to you and realize in your reality WHEN you lead from a place of it already being done and allowing the universe to deliver the magic that it is and show you how IT wants you to experience your manifestation. 


Again the more you live in the state of 'havingness', it already being done, and not worrying about the HOW, the quicker the universe will match your desires. The universe is not stupid and it KNOWS before you KNOW what the desires you get to realize are. But if you do not trust that it knows and do not show up to shift the vibration and live in a state of it being done, the universe CANNOT deliver what you want.


One last thought I want to leave you;


Your higher self already knows what you are here to experience but without the clarify from your human self and the shift in your vibrational field, it cannot deliver the desire to you. I know I have stated this a few times in this series but it is important to understand that the desire you feel called to manifest is there because your highest self wants you to experience it. The only reason you won't experience the desire is because you are allowing your human self to get in the way, which it is designed to do. 


Your higher self does NOT need anything NOW. It is already living in the place of you having it. It is your human self that wants it NOW and if you do not check this aspect of you, it won't matter how much spiritual work or manifestation work you do, the ego aspect will be more powerful than the desire and it will cause you continually struggle to attract and manifest what you desire.


Your higher self needs you to get as much clarity on the WHY so that more of your higher self, your consciousness can flow through. It needs you to define a higher vibration so that it can open the doorway for all your desires to flow. It needs you to do this because it is bound to you and what you do within your human self.


After a while of doing the above steps you will find yourself living in a constant state of it already being done, good things are always happening for you, it is so easy for you to manifest, and the good vibes just flow within you. The universe will begin to deliver all of your desires and more because you will be in energetic match with the doorway that has been opened for you.


Just like the scientist, you are here to complete the experiment of life. The experiment of waking up to a higher truth and existence which allows you to build a relationship with your higher self and unlock all the secrets of the universe. You are the experiment that source, god, universe wants to realize, so make sure you show up as the scientist that you are and do whatever you need to maximize the results and attract all of your desires.


When in doubt repeat this affirmation:



Let us know in the comments; was this helpful? Have you been acting from a place of 'havingness'? Are you waking up and living in a higher vibrational state allowing the universe to deliver all that you desire?



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