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The Wealth Meditation That You Should Try!

law of attraction masters meditation wealth meditation Apr 13, 2023
Try This Wealth Meditation from Master Sri Akarshana |TheSpiritul Room

Wealth Meditations are on the rise and many are turning to these in hopes of attracting more money, wealth, and time-freedom. But most do not succeed and it isn't for the lack of trying persay....

Most people who use wealth meditations do the following 5 things incorrectly:

  1. They do not understand what the intention behind the meditation is
  2. They are not consistent with their practice and consistency with the same meditation
  3. They do not get into the feeling, thus not really changing their state.
  4. They hop from one to the next
  5. They do not allow their mind to be present to the meditation

If you fit in one of the 5 above, don't worry we have all been there. But it is time to shift.

Wealth Meditations work, they absolutely can bring you massive amounts of money, from multiple source, on a continuous basis, or whatever you desire. 

But they key to achieving that is a consistent practice that allows you to become a vibration of wealth and abundance.

5 Ways to Attract Wealth Through a Meditation Practice:

  1. be consistent with the practice for at minimum 21 days (or whatever day you really want!) and forgive yourself for the days you didn't get the meditation done.
  2. get into the feeling of it already being done and feeling it inside during the visualization process
  3. create the life that you want the wealth for in your mind. the more description in your mind the better
  4. keep a focused mind on the meditation or visualization at hand. allow any negative thoughts to just flow through the meditation
  5.  go throughout your day as if you are living within that space of wealth. 

Wealth Meditations work because they allow you to create a space energetically of worthiness and provide a clear description of what you desire the wealth for. 

Abraham Hicks said it best

" The attraction of money has nothing to do with your ability to earn it. It has only to do with your wanting and believing of your worthiness to receive it. " - Abraham Hicks

The wealth that you desire to have is not a physical dollar, but a vibration and frequency that you hold.

You attract more money and wealth for yourself when you believe you are worthy of it and you are able to receive it. When you believe that wealth is yours to have and you are able to receive it, you transform your vibration to that of wealth.

Some would say that attracting wealth over night just by changing their vibration cannot happen and in one case they are correct. But the reality is all you need to do is become a new vibration and frequency through your beliefs, actions, and thoughts and the universe will match what you believe to be true.

It can happen quicker for others and is available for every person on planet earth.

Create A Consistent Meditation Practice

One of the easiest ways to begin to transform your beliefs is through a consistent meditation practice.

A consistent practice allows your subconscious mind to become a new belief, allowing your vibration to shift into a new frequency and your reality soon becoming that which you were just putting thought into.

Your practice needs to be done consistently, a 21 day routine is a great way to get started. Make time for yourself everyday to complete your wealth meditation.

There are many different types of meditation to try. One of our favourites is from spiritual master, Master Sri Akarshana, as he guides you through visualizing the wealth that you desire to have and the life that you want to live.

Below is one of his best wealth meditations to date. It is worth the 22 minutes everyday.

And by 22 minutes we mean 2 minutes to get situated, 18 for the meditation, and 2 to realign with the present day. Not very much time to create an energetic state of wealth that can soon become your reality.


Listen Now:




One thing we are not sharing right now is the idea of get rich quick.

It takes time to change our vibration and frequency, for some people it takes years, for others it is quicker, but this is a process and when done consistently you can reap the benefits of wealth being your normal everyday.

Don't waste any time, get started today. Don't give up. And keep believing even when you can't see it. You might be farther along your vibrational shift than you think. Keep Going.

Enjoy and Let Us know in the comments below:

  • How you liked this meditation
  • Update us on your results.
  • Share your favourite wealth meditation


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