You Are Not Alone In Your Spiritual Journey

podcast spiritual awakening the spiritual show Dec 15, 2021
You are not alone in your spiritual journey. Listen to this podcast episode to hear that your spiritual community exists and how to navigate this weird time in the spiritual awakening journey. | The Spiritual Show Podcast by The Spiritual Room


Today on The Spiritual Show Podcast, your host Danielle Grant is discussing how the spiritual journey can feel really lonely.

No matter what stage you are in, beginner of spirituality or a seasoned soul, this journey at times can feel isolated and lonely. So much so that you can feel like nobody even sees who you really are.

The good news though is that times are changing and so is the conversation and awareness of spirituality, but that doesn’t mean you don’t feel alone.


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Episode Topics

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00:00 | Intro

2:29 | Dinner Party Evolution

3:55 | Feeling Alone and Unseen

11:18 | Meditation is Expanding

15:15 | Navigating A 3D Relationship

17:33 | You Are Not Alone

20:19 | Join The Spiritual Community

21:17 | Step Out Of The Spiritual Closet

22:39 | Reflection Questions



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