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Top 5 Meditations To Start Your Day

alan watts danielle grant dr.joe dispenza meditation sadhguru Apr 13, 2023


Today for our weekly meditation feature we decided to share our top 5 morning meditations. The reason you hear many encouraging morning meditation is because that is when your vibration and connection to your consciousness, your higher self is the greatest outside of sleeping.


The morning is the best time to set the intention for the day and set the vibration in which you want to operate from. This simple action item first thing in the morning makes a difference in your life and we encourage you not to overlook this simple habit.


If you are like most you want to meditate, you read about meditation, you have the apps on your phone, you watch YouTube videos about meditation, and you dabble in it from time to time. But deep down you want to be taking action consistently on a meditation practice.


Start with a consistent morning meditation. Carve out the time for yourself. Meditation in the morning gives you the opportunity to receive the greatest effects. Each of the meditations we shared below offers a different experience that will help ground a certain intention in your day.


You will notice the meditations below are from 2 Monday Meditation Features, plus 3 new features.

Master Sri Akarshana
Danielle Grant
Alan Wats

Dr.Joe Dispenza 


Shambhavi Mudra, a 5-minute Meditation Routine by Indian Yoga Guru Sadhguru:



You Are The Creator 5 Minute Morning Affirmations to Raise Your Vibrations Instantly by Spiritual Master, Sri Akarshana :



Seize The Day & Raise Your Vibration by Spiritual Teacher, Danielle Grant:





Connect to The Breath And Awaken The Mind by Alan Watts:




Feeling Into the Space, The Void by Dr.Joe Dispenza



Additional Information:


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