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Is My Body Experiencing A Chakra Upgrade

chakra healing spiritual journey Apr 13, 2023
Chakra Upgrade and Crystalline Light Body Upgrade - The Spiritual Meaning
Contributed By: Danielle Grant 


This is the question I asked myself after I encountered a debilitating injury to the right side of my back this past spring/summer.

It started with a small pain in my upper right shoulder that became highly uncomfortable to rest my arm. 

Within weeks this pain began to move from my shoulder, to my neck, to my upper right back. And within 3 months the whole right ride of my back had been shut-down, my ribs were slipping at my chakra centers and the pain was moving from my throat chakra to my root chakra and back up.

I knew something was wrong and it was more than a physical injury because there was no known cause of this physical pain I was experiencing.

How did I know it was more than a physical injury?

A few years before, I found myself in a healing crisis, which also started out of nowhere and progressed to a terrible 24-hour bed ridden state. This first event allowed me to deepen my understanding of the energetic body.

How was I perfectly fine one day and the next I couldn’t move? I asked myself. It didn’t make any sense.

Society tells us, it is just your body and ‘something’ must have happened.

But the more I researched about the energetic body and the events that it has, I began to see very clearly that I was going through a healing crisis of my old self, the old 3D energy.

If you are like me then you most likely have a limited understanding of this information, but the more I informed myself, the more I realized this wisdom was part of my spiritual awakening and ascension.

Fast forward to this most recent healing event and I knew this had to do with my chakra system, with my continued ascension and awakening.

The chakra system is the energetic truth of who we are and when we take time to do healing work and turn within to meet the highest aspect of self, we begin to move old stagnant energy that is stuck within these energy centers.

I knew immediately that the work I had been doing on myself for the past 3 years was finally coming to a transformation.

What I didn’t know or understand was that the whole chakra system could do an upgrade at once. And this was what I was experiencing.

But deeper into the chakra centers being upgraded, I was experiencing my crystalline light body coming online.

At first, I started to get frustrated by the pain and my lack of ability to function and move, but the more I read about my light body, the more I learned that this was one of the most profound experiences we GET to experience as a human.

“ Put simply, the light body is our vehicle to graduate from the human condition to return to source. ”


Many people can confuse these kinds of symptoms with human disease and pain. In fact, those close to me were so concerned that I went to the hospital to ensure there was not something going on. 

And not to my surprise after spending hours in the ER, taking x-rays, having an EKG test done, and blood work completed, the doctor could not give me any real explanation as to what was wrong. My diagnosis was simply, Myofascial Pain Syndrome.

The medical world states Myofascial Pain Syndrome is a fancy way to describe muscle pain. It refers to pain and inflammation in the body's soft tissues.

After leaving the ER that day, I knew it was not a physical issue, rather it was confirmed as an energetic event.

The more you research and learn about the energetic body, the more you realize how it impacts the physical being, specifically the areas around the energy centers (your upper body from the bum to the top of the head)

My body was experiencing so much energy that my physical body could not hold it all and the manifestation of that was muscles that were in spasm and inflamed. Deeper to this, each area of the chakras aligned with an aspect of my life I was being challenged in.

The pain I was experiencing was allowing me to have awareness on what needed to be healed, cleared, shifted, and transformed.


How Did I Navigate Forward?

After I made peace with the experience I was in, I allowed myself to get grounded and be fully present to the pain, to the time-out, to the grounding, to everything.

Instead of finding myself in a place of frustration and annoyance that I don’t know what is going on, I found myself in a state of surrender, grounding, and transformation.

This is what allowed me to move through the crystalline light body upgrade the way I was supposed to aware, calm, and rested.

It has been 6 months since the pain started and I am grateful to share that my light body upgrades are settling in nicely and I am now living, creating, and seeing from a higher aspect, through a deeper relationship to source and I am feeling strong again with minimal back pain.

I am going to share what that experience has looked like and felt like in a later article, but today I want to close by acknowledging the spiritual awakening and ascension process is far from butterflies and roses.

It is one of the most physical journeys we can go on in any lifetime.

It is one of the most healing journeys we can go on in any lifetime.

But moreover, it is one of the most profound things we are here to experience and it is important to educate ourselves and understand how we can best navigate these experiences.

Starting with; if you have something flare up physically, before going to the medical doctor, hop on google, and do some research on what you may be experiencing through a higher perspective.

An easy way to do this is type your physical symptom into google like the following:

And then add ‘spiritual meaning’ to the end. As you will see all of a sudden a doorway to another idea or understanding opens up.

Remember when choosing to look through this lens of curiosity that you are seeking wisdom that resonates with you and reading multiple thoughts (as the image below) will help you expand on what is really going on from a spiritual perspective.


Most often you will begin to read about your symptoms and through a different lens start to see how you have created this symptom, disease, or distress.

In my case, this was a process that occurred because I had completed healing work and my physical body was able to hold these higher vibrational states and my crystalline body was able to become present to my physical reality (and your body can too).

The thing to remember about understanding the physical pain or symptoms deeper, is that this experience is designed to open up curiosity towards something beyond what you know to be true and that process in itself can challenge you, cause resistance, and make you feel like it cannot be true. 

Stay true to yourself, become curious to understand it more, and watch how your search for healing shifts from 3D to 5D, from linear thinking to dimensional thinking.

If you want to learn more about this personal experience from Danielle, check out Episode (#145) Myofascial Pain Syndrome vs The Spiritual Self


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Danielle Grant is a Spiritual Teacher and writes articles for The Spiritual Room every Friday sharing Spiritual Stories and Experiences that can help you make sense of the journey, where you are, and how you can continue to awaken and ascend.

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