The Mindfulness Playbook Class

A Self Guided Class


Rapid Mindfulness Awaits: Immerse Yourself in Danielle Grant's 2-Hour Mindfulness Class for an Instant Life Shift.

Dear Fellow Truth Seeker,


Are you ready to access the transformative power of mindfulness and elevate your existence to new heights?


I'm thrilled to extend an invitation for you to join me on an incredible adventure through The Mindfulness Playbook Class. It's not just a class; it's an opportunity to expand into a more mindful state, to shake up your current mindfulness vibe, and to dive into the joy of meditation, journaling, and self reflection.


Picture this: 2 hours filled with wisdom, insights, and discoveries led by the amazing Danielle Grant. This class isn't just about understanding mindfulness; it's about aligning with it in a way that's uniquely yours. It's a fun, transformative experience designed for those ready to lean into meditation, embrace journaling as a partner on their journey, and indulge in the beauty of self reflection.


By the end of our time together, you'll not only have a new perspective on mindfulness but also a toolkit filled with practices that resonate with your soul. It's an opportunity to bring more joy, awareness, and playfulness into your life.


The universe has guided you here for a reason, and within the The Mindfulness Playbook Class, a profound awakening awaits.


Ready to align with the energy of The Mindfulness Playbook?
" Seize this moment, dear seeker, and let's go on a journey of mindfulness together. " 
- Danielle
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During this transformative 14-Day experience, you'll: 

Immerse yourself in a two-hour journey that transcends time and space, delivered through captivating short videos and a thoughtfully crafted exercise workbook. Led by the luminary guide, Danielle Grant, this class is more than a learning experience—it's a soulful adventure into the very essence of mindfulness.


Discover the Difference: Most of us believe that our gut intuition is the extent of our inner wisdom, but this experience will guide you to differentiate between this human intuition and your higher self intuition, opening your eyes to the profound insights that lie within.


Activate Higher Wisdom: Your inner wisdom is an aspect of you that is fully connected and is infinite guidance, and this experience will help you align with this aspect of your intuition. As you progress through the days, you'll find yourself making choices with newfound clarity and discernment, setting the foundation for connection with the self intuition.


Elevate Your Decision-Making: Life's decisions often leave us feeling uncertain. Through Empower Your Intuition, you'll activate an empowered intuition that connects you to your highest self, granting you the confidence to make choices that align with your true path.

Understanding the Dimensions of Intuition

Beyond the surface of gut intuition, Danielle takes you on a journey deep into the heart of consciousness and dimensions like never before.


Embark on a two-hour journey defying time and space, led by the luminary guide, Danielle Grant.

This isn't just education; it's a soulful adventure into the essence of mindfulness.

Join us for a transformative experience where wisdom flows, self-discovery unfolds, and the boundaries between the material and metaphysical blur. The Mindfulness Playbook Class—a timeless path to inner peace and personal evolution.

Activate 3D Discernment


Unlock the power of discernment with our meticulously crafted journal prompts. This journey into discernment is more than just putting pen to paper; it's an exploration of your inner self, a path to activate your 5D self, and a transformation of your subconscious mind.

With these prompts, you'll dive deep into the core of your being, peeling back the layers of your 3D human self to reveal the radiant wisdom of your higher self intuition. Each prompt is a stepping stone, guiding you towards an empowered connection with your intuitive self. 


As you embark on this journey, you'll uncover the subtle nuances of your inner guidance system, and through the power of the written word, you'll train your subconscious mind to work on your behalf, distinguishing between what serves your highest good and what is mere distraction.


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Experience Higher Self Intuition

Prepare to go on a meditation experience like no other. Our intentional meditations are designed to take you on an extraordinary journey through the dimensions of energetic intuition. Your intuition is not merely a voice; it's a frequency, a resonance that reverberates within you.

With these unique meditations, you'll have the opportunity to step into the heart of your higher self intuition. You'll not only hear but feel the profound resonance of your authentic self, guiding you with clarity and assurance. These meditations offer a clear and resonant sensation of your 3D, distrustful intuition as well, allowing you to differentiate between the two with ease.

As you immerse yourself in these transformative meditations, you'll unlock the secrets of your inner wisdom, bridging the gap between the human and the divine within you. Each meditation is a portal to the extraordinary, an invitation to embody your true self, and a pathway to a deeper understanding of the frequencies that govern your intuition.
It's an experience that transcends the ordinary and leads you into the extraordinary realms of your intuitive self. 

Your Journey, Your Way

Empower Your Intuition is designed to fit into your life: 

Flexible Learning: Our user-friendly online portal grants you the freedom to access content at your convenience. Whether you're an early riser or a night owl, you can watch enlightening videos, engage with thought-provoking journal prompts, and immerse yourself in guided meditations on your terms.


Repeat as Needed: The content is yours to revisit as many times as you like. As you grow and evolve, so will your understanding of your intuition. You're in control of your transformation.


The Minfulness Playbook Class

Welcome to Empower Your Intuition, a life-changing 14-day experience that will redefine your connection with your intuition and your desires.
Empower Your Intuition is the key to unlock the wisdom & understanding of the different dimensions of intuition, taking you on an extraordinary journey from 3D to 5D intuition.


Throughout this 14-days, you'll experience the different dimensions of intuition and how they feel to you. This experience is designed to meet you where you are and to guide you through an expansion of awareness that is in alginment for you.


Empower Your Intuition will help you distinguish between your gut intuition and the wisdom of your higher self intuition. It's an awakening of your awareness, an empowerment of your inner voice, and a journey to discern what is truly meant for you vs the product of your 3D self.


Whether you're new to these concepts or looking to deepen your understanding, this 14-day self guided experience will be your roadmap on this extraordinary journey from the realm of human intuition to the infinite potential of your higher self intuition.
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Part 1: Expanding Mindfulness
  • What Is Mindfulness?
  • Mindfulness In Action
  • Listening To Your Higher Self
  • Releasing Limiting Beliefs
  • A Meditation Moment
  • Check-in #1
Part 2: Mindfulness Playbook
  • The Mindfulness Playbook
  • Developing Your Routine
  • Alignment Of Higher Self
  • Your Vibe
  • Forgiveness & Self Love
  • Check-in #2
Mindfulness Playbook

Download the comprehensive 124-page playbook. Use the plays in the playbook whenever you need to. 

Online Portal

Access the class on TSR Portal and get access online or on the app. Also listen to everyone on audio on apple or spotify. Com back and listen whenever you need.

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The Guide: Danielle Grant

Where Passion Meets Profound Insight

Danielle Grant, your guide, is passionate about helping individuals distinguish between 3D and 5D intuition. Her journey began when she experienced the life-saving power of her higher self intuition at an early age, setting her on a two-decade exploration of the inner self. This deep dive into 3D, 4D, and 5D intuitive realms uncovered profound insights that she's excited to share.


Danielle excels at distilling complex wisdom into a form that resonates with the human experience, creating a unique and intentional journey for you. Her approach combines the power of self-reflection and meditation to create experiences that are nothing short of remarkable. And her techniques have the potential to transport you.


With Danielle as your guide, you'll go on an experience that promises not only discernment between intuition's dimensions but also a profound connection to your own inner wisdom.

You'll find it hard to encounter someone quite like Danielle, whose dedication and expertise fuse seamlessly to create a transformative experience that transcends the ordinary. She awaits the opportunity to take you on this enlightening journey, guiding you through the complexities of the inner self and helping you unlock the extraordinary power of your higher self intuition.


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"The impact of this experience is beyond words. Danielle's guidance transcends mere intuition; it's a gateway to my highest self. My life has transformed in ways I never thought possible."
- Olivia B
"I couldn't have anticipated the transformation that Empower Your Intuition brought into my life. Danielle's approach is like a burst of vibrant energy that illuminates your understanding of intuition. It's like stepping into a world of awareness and truth."
- Liam
"My experience with Empower Your Intuition was nothing short of a revelation. Danielle's unique wisdom and guidance have had a remarkable impact on my life. It's not just about intuition; it's a profound connection to the very essence of who I am."
- Grace P
"Danielle's approach is different, and it's a game-changer. This experience goes beyond what you think you know about intuition. It's transformative, and I'm forever grateful for this journey."
- Mark J

Is It Your Time to Connect with Your Highest Self and Redefine Your Reality?


Access The Wisdom

Unlock the profound and expansive wisdom that awaits your download. Embrace the enlightenment and expertise that will forever transform your perception of intuition. Explore, uncover, and embrace the boundless depths within you. Now is the time to ignite the untapped potential residing within.

Experience the Dimensions:

Journey through the dimensions of intuition and explore the vast frequencies that govern your inner self. Gain a deep understanding of 3D, 4D, and 5D intuitive aspects. It's a transformative experience that goes beyond what you thought was possible.

Act Daily On Connection:

Empower your intuition through daily practices that will deepen your connection to your higher self. Make choices with newfound clarity and discernment, and watch as your life transforms with each empowered decision. Your daily actions hold the key to an extraordinary connection with your intuitive self.

What Do You Say? 


Your intuition is not something to be ignored. It's a profound source of guidance and wisdom, and it's just a click away.


The alignment with your higher self intuition is ready to be unleashed. Transform your life, embrace clarity, and ignite your true potential with Empower Your Intuition.


This is where enlightenment meets evolution.
Your journey begins now...


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Join Us On This Transformative Journey Into Intuition


Are you ready to embrace a life-changing experience and unlock the extraordinary power of your intuition?
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Join us in Empower Your Intuition, where profound insights and profound transformation await. Your intuition is ready to guide you to new heights, and we're here to help you tap into its boundless wisdom.
It's your time to awaken, ascend, and become the best version of yourself.

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