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Surrender to the Ultimate

david hawkins Mar 08, 2023
Contributor: Danielle Grant

(This excerpt is from David Hawkins book, Letting Go: The Pathway of Surrender)

Surrender to the Ultimate.

Question: You’ve mentioned “surrender at great depth” as a method by which we experience Ultimate Reality. Can you describe what occurs? 

Answer: We might call it the “final run.” As you apply the letting go technique to every area of life, without exception, the energy of spiritual work gets stronger and stronger.

There is the fixity of attention, the relentless staying with a method, no matter what is going on. Some people say, “I’ve done spiritual work off and on for 30 years, and I’m still where I was.” They’ve meditated a little there, prayed a little here, gone to a workshop, heard a speaker, read a book, and it has all been sporadic.

That’s all right. You are busy in the world and accumulating data that you know you’re going to use at a later date. But then there comes a time when it means to do whatever practice you’re doing without exception, all the time.

The devotion to the Truth becomes overwhelming. It isn’t that you’re driving it. You’re being pulled by your own destiny; it is by your own karmic commitment that you’ve chosen the ultimate destiny.

At that point, let’s say you use the technique of surrender. This means to surrender and let go of everything at the very moment it arises. It happens in 1/10,000th of a second—it’s coming, it peaks, and then it leaves. So, every feeling, every thought, every desire, you let go at the peak of it.

This becomes continuous, nonstop. As mentioned earlier, I remember letting go of a severe attachment for 11 days, sitting and doing nothing but letting go of this attachment. Every thought, every feeling, every memory, everything about it—as it arose, it was surrendered.

The grief that we feel when we lose a member of our family is not just about losing that person here and now. It’s an accumulation of the energy of all the deaths from all the lifetimes.

This particular surrender was nonstop for 11 days, morning and night. Finally it stopped. Gone forever. Never again to be subject to that.

Source: Hawkins, David. Letting Go: The Pathway of Surrender . Veritas Publishing. Kindle Edition

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