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Open Your Heart To Infinite Possibilities with Jeffrey Allen

energy jeffrey allen meditation Apr 13, 2023
Jeffrey Allen, Meditation, Energy


Over the last few decades meditation has become more and more popular. You are seeing everyday humans transitioning from corporate careers to more spiritual based careers.

Today we want to highlight Jeffrey Allen and one of the meditations that he recorded for Mindvalley.

(If you are unfamiliar with MindValley, check it out here.)


Who is Jeffrey Allen? 


Jeffrey worked for many years as an engineer before he transitioned to being an energy healer.

One of the reasons we love this feature this week is that most think you need some specific spiritual background to become a healer (spoiler alert: we are all healers!). 

But Jeffrey is one to show that his own personal background of engineering allowed him to understand energy, frequency, and vibration to a level that can now help others understand to a greater meaning.

The expanded thought to this is anyone can do work within the spiritual context, it is all natural within us, and most likely some aspect of your life serves a specific purpose within spirituality.



Below is from Jeffrey’s website sharing his story and passion:

Over the years, I've tried on many philosophies, and I've played many roles – father, son, husband... outdoor enthusiast, intuitive, engineer... healer, student, teacher... speaker, author, employee and entrepreneur.

My pursuit has always been to become a better person, to do positive things in the world, to have great achievements, to help others. I've chased these dreams with all my heart.

Yet, looking back, I can see that I sometimes missed one important point – a simple truth my wife Hisami has repeated many times to me – it isn't what we do that makes us great, it's how we do it. 

For what we do always fades with time, but how we do it echoes on and on. Kindness leads to kindness. Anger leads to anger. Judgment leads to judgment. Love leads to love.

Our true greatness comes from inside, and we can express it anytime. 

I love helping people find a more powerful, peaceful, and fun way in life.

I've been blessed with many great teachers & experiences, and it's my honor to share my insights & training with you.

I've learned that the best teacher or guide is simply someone who walks the same path – perhaps a few steps ahead of myself.

Learn more about Jeffrey Here.  


Monday Meditation Feature: 


We selected Jeffrey’s meditation today because his work is rooted in the grounding energies that we have available to us.

In this specific meditation Jeffrey leverages the use of a field, nature, flowers, and vibrancy to open up your heart and reach infinite potential.



We want to remind you that there is NO right way or wrong way to do meditation.

Your mind will likely wonder and that is normal, bring your focus back to the meditation and Jeffrey’s voice.

Settle into your breath and start from where you are.


Additional Information:


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Let us know in the comments below, what did you think of today’s meditation?

Are you familiar with Jeffrey Allen’s work?


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