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7 Signs Of A Spiritual Awakening

Apr 13, 2023


Spiritual Awakening has become more mainstream over the last few years and this isn’t because the mainstream media is educating us on this topic. In fact, it is something much greater that is awakening us to this idea. It is the source within us, infinite intelligence that is awakening this information (And the internet!).


The term Spiritual Awakening can be confusing at times. Some people think it is religious, others believe it doesn’t exist, but most are curious about what this means.  In this blog we are going to break down the 7 signs you are having a spiritual awakening and what each of those stages mean.


According to Sadhguru, the spiritual process is about living a strong life and becoming one with everything.  It is the process in which we realize that everything is one and we are one of everything.


The part that confuses our human self the most - how can everything be one and I am of everything?  Deep within you, you know the truth and have a great understanding of it, but are you able to detach from the unknown of the human world and trust in what you know?


When you meet someone who has become spiritually awakened, it’s important to understand that they are no different than you. Everybody’s timeline is unique to them and every experience is different as well. Often times at the beginning of your awakening, judgment is strong and you may have a tendency to criticize yourself against others.


It is important to remember that everyone can have an awakening and you will go through similar experiences, but it will be on your timeline and what is right for you.


Examples of Awakened Humans:


Most people think of Mahatma Gandhi, Buddha, Jesus, Deepak Chopra and Eckhart Tolle when they think Awakened. You may want to believe that these are the all mighty enlightened ones, but that is not true. They are not above you, they are within you. They awaken to the same spirit as you, it is just that they have become the figure heads for spirituality and what that can look like.


It’s can be hard to see yourself in the awakened process when you compare yourself to these humans who have been positioned to be of influence. Here are some others you may not know, but have attained a level of enlightenment within themselves through their own awakening process.


Jim Carrey - Actor & Comedian

Teal Swan - Spiritual Teacher

Ray Dalio - Financial Investor

Danielle Grant - Corporate Dropout, Spiritual Teacher

Aubrey Marcus - Experimentalist, Unconventional, Human Optimizer

JP Sears - Comedian

Esther Hicks - Author, Speaker & Channeller of Abraham Hicks

Master Sri Akarshana - Speaker & Acknowledged Spiritual Master


We share these individuals to remind you that you are not alone and more and more everyday people are awakening to the understanding of source and spirit. Let’s begin to see if you are having an awakening or are in the mist of your awakening. The following are 7 signs of a spiritual awakening.


Reminding you yet again - The awakening journey looks different for everyone and you may not experience your awakening in these sequential experiences. You may linger in certain stages for longer periods of time and some you may accelerate through.


 7 Signs Of A Spiritual Awakening


1. Waking Up


One of the first stages of the awakening process is beginning to notice there is a different way. When you start to see others living differently than what society says, you experience a moment of question and curiosity. This experience leads you towards observing patterns within you that are negative, low vibe, or don’t feel right to you.


Some questions you might hear are; 

  •  Why do I get angry so often?
  •  Why am I always comparing myself to others?
  •  Why can’t I get create the change I seek?
  •  Do I really need to drink and eat unhealthy?
  •  Why does my life seem so negative?


The first step in anything is always awareness of what you are currently experiencing. The second step allows the transition from what was to what can be.


2. Bliss Through Detachment

 ‘Attachment of sin, is death of the human’ - Danielle Grant


Through awareness you allow yourself the opportunity to remove what no longer serves. When you are in this stage, you will find yourself moving away from bad habits, negative mindsets, limited beliefs, and even relationships.


This experience can feel exciting and scary at the same time. As time progresses and you remove the detachment from what was, you will begin to experience a sense of bliss. A sense of letting go and a sense of feeling lighter.


Here is the point in which you begin to experience more of your consciousness and you can hear the inner support guiding you to detach from that which no longer serves.


Many people find themselves stuck in this stage as it challenges the ego aspect of self the most. This particular aspect of self is designed to offer you duality, but because we have been reincarnated time and time again in an unawakened experience, it is difficult for this aspect of self to detach from what is and allow you complete surrender to the spirit within.


It should be noted here that you may feel discouraged the most in the stage. This stage can linger the longest, and this stage requires you to dig deep and stay the course of bliss through detachment.


3. Clearing The Collective Shadow


One thing to remember in the awakening process is that this is not a singular activity. When one soul begins to awaken, it allows more souls to experience that energy because it is now rooted in the dimension of the human reality (We can thank Buddha for the foundation of this energy on planet earth.).


The collective shadow is an invisible energetic grid that holds all of our past lifetimes, all of our negative experiences, and all of our limitations. As solo as your awakening journey is, it’s important to acknowledge that you are not only awakening yourself, you are awakening a higher consciousness into a shadow that has been hindering the human collective for eons.


In this stage you will notice deep rooted wounds began to rear their ugly head. You will notice the limitations that are holding you back from your next level, from receiving all that you are here to receive. This can feel frustrating as you may have just moved through the desire to detach from the bull crap within and then you are met with more limitation.


Instead of feeling frustrated, shift your focus to realizing that in this very stage you are clearing those lower vibrational energies that are keeping you and the collective stuck. This stage can also referred to as; The ??????


???? It is your own personal experiences that live within the collective shadow that you are here to clear and transcend in order to ascend Into your higher dimensional self, your more woke self.


This stage is extremely important to others awakening around you. Without you doing the work within your collective shadow, others cannot feel a shift to awaken stage 1 within them.


<include podcast link to collective>

4. Removing Fear (Specifically Fear of Death)


As you begin to transcend your collective shadow, you will experience the human self fighting to hold onto what it knows to be true. The human self lives in a reality of fight or flight, it is stressed, and it is afraid.


When you get to this stage you can expect to experience fear in a way like never before. Not only is the fear you experience designed to keep you stuck and not ascending into your higher self.

Over thousands of years, the fear of death has become innate to us and this is keeping us rooted in fear of anything. In essence, we have allowed the fear of death to hold us back from exploring how it is not real.


At the core of the awakening process, you are meant to realize there is no death of spirit. There is death of the human vessel, which is nothing more than skin, the shape of a body, and some internal organs. But there is no death of the soul within.


The awakening to this very concept is when you begin to ground more of your higher self within you. You no longer live in fear of one life or this being the end. You realize this is just a moment in time, in the many lifetimes you have already experienced.


If you find yourself stuck in this stage, go back to stage #2 and see how you need to detach from whatever fearful experience you are in.


5. Experiencing Compassion


One of the most beautiful parts of the awakening experience is when you begin to live with more compassion and empathy. You no longer find yourself negative, confused, or afraid. You find yourself seeing the best in others, feeling for them in their experience, and desiring to ground yourself in the truth of what is.


This stage can also offer the feeling of bliss and letting go. Letting go of the stereotypes. Letting go of the hate towards others or your past. Letting go of the 3D reality and understanding.


You feel strength, courage, and purpose brewing in the background. You find yourself engaging in more spiritual practices, taking action on things that allow your vibrations to settle into a higher frequency.


Ultimately you feel more love for everything around you. You do not feel the need to judge or dismiss others, rather you feel the need to support, love, and just be.


6. Clarity on Purpose or Mission


By now in the spiritual journey you are feeling lighter, things in your life have shifted and you are feeling more aligned with something greater.


One thing to clarify around purpose is that you do not have ONE purpose, your purpose is to have a human experience and realize your spiritual self - that is your purpose. So when you think of this, think of more than one thing, think of multiple things that make up your purpose.


  • You might begin taking action on that thing you have wanted for years.
  • You might have left old relationships behind and are attract new high vibe ones.
  • You might be leaving a corporate job of 30 years and shifting into that thing that feels like you ‘calling’.


Whatever you are experiencing at this stage, is more alignment with your highest aspect and the human experience you are here to have. This stage can feel confusing yet exciting and also powerful and abundant. There is undoubtably a mission inside you that makes up your purpose and the spiritual awakening process allows you to align with more of that divinity and higher plan.


Remember spiritual awakening is about becoming one with everything. When you shift into a career that is meant for you, you align with more of it all. When you have a relationship that is meant for your higher good, you align with more of it all.


The clarity on purpose and mission allows you to transcend lower vibrational realities and facilitate your ascension into your next level self, your most aligned self.


7. Universal Magic


This might be the best part of the awakening process. Here you will find things making sense. You will be able to see above the lover vibrational reality, you will be living in a more aligned purpose and mission. You will also be able to hear your intuition more. You are really starting to hear the clarity within, you are taking action on Devine ideas, and you are letting your intuitive self take the reins of your life.


Now, this is not to be confused with just sit back and let it all happen. This is about you connecting more to your Devine self and the guidance that is available to you. When you follow this guidance magic happens. Some calls this manifestation or law of attraction. Both of those things will happen as you awaken more to who you really are.


But ultimately, the best part is, this is where you begin to see the universe conspiring to help you realize the highest version of yourself. Things start to synchronize. You start to see things working in your favour. You start to see distorted perspectives from a neutral lens. You start to see that you react differently. You start to see all the compassion and empathy you hold within.


You find yourself desiring to dive deeper into the meaning of self. You find yourself flourishing in your new reality. And you find yourself wanting to help those around you realize this truth with.



Practices & Rituals To Support Your Spiritual Awakening


For those reading this and feel like you are on the cusp of your awakening, in the beginning, the middle, or the ascension part, here are some practices & rituals you can take action on to further your awakening process. 

  • Meditate
  • Journal
  • Engage in Mindfulness
  • Spend More Time In Nature
  • Dance and Listening to High Vibe Music
  • Laugh and Connect With Those You Care About
  • Practice Gratitude
  • Cultivate a self-care practice
  • Consume new wisdom that challenges what you know


Note: Your awakening with not be faster by doing the above actions. What they will do is allow you to realize more of your awakening and that is what allows the journey to expedite. Keep in mind that your journey is unique to you and will happen on the timeline that is in your blueprint. 


As Sri Sri Ravi Shankar says 

‘Don’t think Enlightened people don’t have feelings; they have not become stones or trees. The feelings are there and then the feelings are expressed at that moment, that’s it, they won’t latch onto it and cry over it all the time’.


This is what awakening spiritual offers you - the ability to feel the feelings, let them go, and move onto the next present moment.


Don’t forget to give yourself grace and love as you awakening to this highest aspect. And hold space for those around you that are confused by your new journey or awakening. It is not for them to understand, it is only for you to experience.


Let us know in your comments any question you have about the spiritual awakening journey and please share your own personal journey and what you have experienced with the community.


P.S. We wanted to expand on the idea that you experience the awakening process many different times in your life and experience stage 1 of waking up, over and over again, to different aspect of you that you get to detach and transcend, we will do a follow up blog shortly.




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