Reclaim Your Higher Self Workshop & 30 Day Experience

Create alignment with your higher self and attain a higher quality of life in 30 days (or less)
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What is included?

A 2.5 Hour Workshop & Exercise Workbook to help you assist your expansion

30 Day Reclaim Your Higher Self Experience (includes app with daily meditation, reflection prompts, and daily expanded thoughts)

2x 90 Minute Q&A call to check in, ask questions, share feedback, and learn from others.

This workshop & experience is designed to be an unforgettable and transformative experience. With guided meditations, live discussions, and recorded content, you’ll leave this experience aligned and ready to embrace your higher self and live in your hearts desires.
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Free Masterclass:

Reclaim Your Inner Power  

Watch this 45 minute masterclass to learn a simple written prompt strategy that can help you gain clarity on what you desire, what your intuition is communicating, and how to align with your desire in the least resistant way.

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Meditation Offer:

The Mindfulness Playbook Class

Imagine your life being just a bit more peaceful...
... What if you could have that peace available to you in just twenty minutes every day?


This interactive class helps you understand the present state on a deeper level; supports your daily routine; helps make sense of challenges; and reinforces becoming present to what is.
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The Podcast:

The Spiritual Show

Join your host Danielle Grant every Tuesday for an expansive high vibe conversation and discussion. Danielle always looks for the deeper meaning and conversation that will help you understand and deepen your spiritual awakening and understanding. Subscribe to get your weekly dose of spiritual wisdom and further you ascension and awakening.
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