The Energies Of The Collective (January 2022)

2022 energies energy update podcast the spiritual show Jan 25, 2022


Today on the show, Danielle is providing you with an update on the energies of the collective. Every few months she delivers one of these updates to help you understand what your human is experiencing and also what source is experiencing.


" Today I am excited to share that we have made a great transition in our universe and I want to help you get the most out of the new vibrations that are available. "


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" How Can I Align With The Higher Desire That I Have? " 


Episode Topics

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00:00 | Intro

3:33 | The Shift

7:04 | Plasma Light

9:18 | The Confusion

14:01 | This Is Your Truth

18:08 | The Energy Has Shifted

20:39 | The Global Shift


" You are being asked to transcend " 


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Episode #1 - The Energies of The Collective





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We wanted to share with you a fantastic article that helps your human, 3D self understand what plasma energy means.



As discussing in today's podcast, mother gia herself (earth) and the central sun have ascended into a space where their energetic makeup is primarily plasma light. This is allowing the great awakening to happen and for us to ground ourselves in higher vibrational energies.

We encourage you to check out more of the articles and information on Ascension Dynamics. They provide good information to ground your human self into this understanding.


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