3 Things Your Spiritual Self Desires in 2022

2022 energies podcast the spiritual show Dec 21, 2021


So you are an awakened soul who is looking for the expanded version of new year’s resolutions? Here are 3 Things Your Spiritual Self Desires in 2022.

Once you awaken to the understanding and truth that you are a spiritual being having a human experience, you get the opportunity to live in a different reality. Instead of creating typical new year's resolutions for yourself in 2022, tap into the truth of who you are. Tap into the energies that the universe is going to provide in 2022.

In today’s podcast episode, your host, Danielle Grant, shares with you the 3 things your spiritual self desires in 2022. Aligning your spiritual resolutions with the energies of mother gia will help you ascend into your higher self, your next dimension with momentum.

Part of living in the 4th dimension and beyond requires you to create spiritual self compassion and spiritual self care routines, such as a meditation practice. Make it a strong desire for your spiritual resolutions in 2022 to be around these 3 things.


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03:48 | Desire #1

12:29 | Desire #2

17:00 | Desire #3

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