Sunday Soul - May 29, 2022

expanded wisdom meditation reflection prompts sunday soul May 29, 2022
Sunday Soul @ The Spiritual Room. Get weekly reflections, meditations, and expanded wisdom to support your spiritual awakening & ascension on the new earth

Every week we send the Sunday Soul to our community.

Our intention behind this communication is to support anchoring in what you desire for the week.

You cannot ascend into higher states of consciousness without grounding and this is the grounding you need.

We share 1 meditation, 1 expanded wisdom, and 1 group of reflections (journal prompts)

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" All know the way forward. But very few actually walk it. " - Buddha


Sunday Soul

Week of May 29, 2022



Listen to this Zero Point Meditation for the full 3 hours OR listen to the first 40 minutes OR fast forward to 50 minutes, turn on a timer for 15 minutes, and enjoy the ZERO point field.



Expanded Wisdom

This week the expanded wisdom is from Wayne Dyer and the theme is 'Stop Trying To Control & Let Go'. 





















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